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Menue 1

Weisswurst-Essen (White Sausage meal) with Mustard and Pretzel

p.P. 5,50 €

Menue 2

Noodle Soup
Roast Poast Pork with Bread Dumping, Bacon Cabbage salad
Bavarian Cream

p.P. 12,50 €

Menue 3

Clear Both with sliced Pancake
1/2 Grilled Chicken with Frensch Fries
Iced Truffle

p.P. 12,50 €

Menue 4

Liver Dumpling Soup
Beef Goulash with Noodles
Vanilla Parfait

p.P. 12,50 €

Menue 5

Semolina Dumpling Soup
Hunters Meatloaf, Buttered Rice, Green salad
Peach Melba

p.P. 12,50 €

Menue 6

Tomato Soup with Basil
Vienna Schnitzel, Buttered potatoes
Fresh Fruit salad with Cream

p.P. 14,80 €

Menue 7

Mushroom Soup
Boiled Beef (Tafelspitz) on Horseadish sauce, Green Beans, Pan fried potatoes
Pear Helen Dessert

p.P. 16,00 €

Menue 8

Our Seciality
1/2 Grilledf Pork Shank with Bavarian Salad Bowl and Pretzel or Wine Cabbage and Dumpling

p.P. 14,50 €

Menue 9

The Bear Steak Menu:
Farmers salad with Cheese
Pepper Steak with Green Beans, Jacket potato with Herbal Soft Curd Cheese
Ice Truffle

p.P. 18,00 €

Menue 10

October Feast Menu:
Noodle Soup - 1/4 Seasoned Roast Duck, Apple Blue Cabbage, Potato Dumpling
Apple strudel with Vanilla sauce

p.P. 18,00 €

Menue 11

Gourmet Menu:
Mushroom Soup
Grilled Filet Steak, Butter sauce, Vegetables and Potatoes
Ice Parfait with Fruit sauce

p.P. 19,50 €


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